2023 Audi e-Tron is Coming to the USA

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2023 Audi e-Tron is Coming to the USA. The upcoming 2023 Audi e-Tron is a perfect all-electric crossover-SUV. This model is very competent in every possible way, and it provides great performances. German manufacturer sees new e-Tron as the flagship model and for a good reason. This crossover runs on all-electric power, it looks premium, and its cabin is full of luxury. What more do you need?

Moreover, e-Tron is perfect for families, and it provides a great driving experience. Upgrade it a bit more or buy different trim levels and you will get one of the best crossovers on the markets. The latest speculations are suggesting the e-Tron RS variant, which makes sense for numerous reasons.

2023 Audi e-Tron exterior

Is it Coming to the U.S?

So far, the 2023 Audi e-Tron has been confirmed for Europe. However, the German manufacturer will surely target the American soil in the future. The latest rumors are saying that Audi is preparing further upgrades to the e-Tron model before selling it in the United States. With that in mind, the next e-Tron will go on sale in Europe this fall. That means the customers in the U.S. could get this all-electric crossover at the beginning of 2023.

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2023 e-Tron Updates

The upcoming electric crossover will receive a couple of notable changes in 2023. For a start, this model will get better drivability and improved efficiency. The 2023 Audi e-Tron should provide a longer driving range, by 15 miles. To this date, these changes are confirmed for the European market.

However, the newest reports are saying the updates with reach the U.S. market in 2023. Other changes include Audi’s one-pedal driving that will allow e-Tron to regenerate more energy under coasting. Moreover, Audi will improve the vehicle’s thermal management.

2023 Audi e-Tron interior

Driving Range

One of the main questions is, how long can new 2023 Audi e-Tron go on all-electric power? As we said, Audi will improve driving range by 15 miles. A 95-kWh battery pack comes with a pair of electric motors, one at each axle.

That means the all-new e-Tron could offer a range from 255 to 275 miles. Keep in mind that the EPA figures are more conservative than the WLTP figures. That means the U.S. and European e-Tron will offer different driving range.

2023 Audi e-Tron rear


The upcoming 2023 Audi e-Tron will arrive as an all-wheel-drive crossover that is producing 355 horsepower. Moreover, its torque figures are rated at 414 lb-ft. However, Sport mode unlocks 402 horses and 490 lb-ft of twisting power. Ride quality is quite impressive and quiet. Interestingly, Audi switched from traditional stopping brakes to regenerative brakes.

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Moreover, this crossover will be able to tow 4,000 pounds at its best. The all-new e-Tron crossover will get numerous driving modes, and off-road mode is surely one of the most interesting features. Lastly, Audi is reportedly working on e-Tron’s RS and GT variants. However, both versions won’t make the production before 2023.

2023 Audi e-Tron Prices

As for the pricing details, you can buy a new 2023 Audi e-Tron Premium Plus for $76,000. Moreover, the Prestige model is priced at $80,000. The most attractive variant is, of course, the Sportback model that costs $82,000.