2023 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Redesign, Price, Specs

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2023 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Redesign, Price, Specs

2023 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Review – When you push yourself and your blender to the limit in the deep snow, you may need some extra stability for that landing . This ultimate free 154 – 38 front end combo is perfect for stability and deep snow sculpting elegance The most powerful 2-stroke engine in the industry.  It pumps more than 10 horsepower (165 hp) from its predecessor, but its response is what really shines. With the new PDRive clutch core, it ‘s 30% faster response than the 800R TEC electronic giving you instant control over which application.

Press the button starting with almost no added weight. After starting the initial draw, the motor charges the ultracapacitor. Push the joystick button to the fire to start the subsequent uses the energy stored in the ultracapacitor to convert the magnetic in the electric motor which spins the flywheel, and with the electronic TEC technology, the engine starts. Removes approximately 20 lbs (9 kg) compared to conventional electric starters. Starting shooting is possible only with skateboarding exclusive electronic technology technology.

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2023 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Review

2023 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Review
2023 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Review

2023 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Specs

The key to easy traffic is the free central mass of the Extreme Fourth Generation Rev. platform. The hierarchical frame brands, the new aluminum die casting unit and the front suspension design and the new heat exchanger ensure it is powerful, but lightweight.

A key factor in speed skis pastor is the new pdrive claw. Quick and friction-free dual-speed torque transfer pulleys instead of traditional sliding buttons on this 100% clutch. Large rollers with old stitch bearings, large weights and shaft shaft design emphasize the smooth operation and long life. Ultra-responsive transformation, impressive RPM consistency and 2.8 lb / 1.3 kg lighter body than the body’s seventh.

These shocks are standard on skis racing 600SR MXZX – so you know they are extremely capable and durable to control in the toughest conditions. The design of the remote reservoir for performance is constructable / re-configurable. Easy adjusting pressure damping handle does not require tools; Recovery adjustments are standard as well.

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2023 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Design

We developed the design of mountain sledges for easier handling and more predictable in all conditions. The narrow body panels, the bottom pan, the tunnel and the running boards are designed to face it with optimum snow in mountain maneuvers. The end of an open tunnel removes the drag Snow passes easily through a extruded grid-like panel preventing whitening and trenching, in addition to wiping the grip of the grip. Flatter the foot position for comfort and control. 75 in. / 20 mm higher than the XM-Pastor.

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The tmotion flexes horizontally, reducing the effort to start winding, due to the joint ball joint in the center of the hinge between the rear arm and the connecting diameter and the front arms split flat tube. The very progressive movement ratio makes riding on trails even more comfortable.

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The best balance strikes between trail and mountain sleds engineering and display to offer a great trail of precision and off-road fitness. A state-of-the-art unequal length A-arm suspension front for the 50/50 rider. Adjustable ski position for ideal ride.

2022 Ski Doo FREERIDE 154 S-38 Price Starting From $15,749