2023 VW Amarok Will Arrive With Ford’s Mechanics

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2023 VW Amarok release date

The upcoming 2023 VW Amarok will be the next-gen model. Some rumors are still writing about some sort of electrification, but that won’t happen. Instead, Ford is involved, and Amarok will share its platform with the famous Ranger pickup truck. The new-gen Amarok will offer both gasoline and diesel powertrain options.

Even Volkswagen said that the Amarok is not ready for hybrid or all-electric powertrain. Instead, the German manufacturer will deliver a new V6 diesel engine. Visually, the Amarok will change a lot. As a result, the new model will look very upright, and even the interior will gain needed updates.

2023 VW Amarok platform

2023 Amarok Gets Redesign

The exterior of the 2023 VW Amarok will look more aggressive. Volkswagen will provide a more stylish approach that is closer to the Atlas Tanoak concept. Redesigned Amarok comes with new fenders, and it will wear more muscles. The front fascia is completely new, and that includes LED illuminated headlamps. The front grille is wider, and it looks very upscale.

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The bed is larger than before and is now separated from the cabin. A new set of wheels is also available, and VW will provide new exterior colors. The rear end hosts thinner taillights and a revised bumper. Some changes will also happen under the shell. Volkswagen opted for the same platform that underpins the new Ford Ranger. Moreover, new brakes and suspensions are in the offer as well.

2023 VW Amarok changes

Interior Looks Better Than Before

The interior details are not available at the moment. However, a new 2023 VW Amarok will surely gain a couple of updates. Interior overhaul is a possibility as this is the new-gen model. Amarok pickup will improve the level of comfort and design will look more upright. New upholstery is in the works, and upper trim levels will offer the same leather seats.

New shape of the air vents is certain to happen, along with the more modern dashboard. Whatsoever, expect a complete redesign of the dash. The mid-size pickup will arrive with the new steering wheel too. Volkswagen will offer a new infotainment system, and even the cabin room will be improved. Amarok will come with more standard equipment and more safety aids.

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Potent Diesel Engine

Under the hood, new-gen 2023 VW Amarok will continue to offer the same gasoline powertrain. A 2.7-liter twin-turbo engine is producing 305 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. We are still waiting for Volkswagen to confirm the engine lineup, but the hybrid powertrain is not on the cards at the moment. The mid-size pickup truck will also offer a new 3.0-liter TDI diesel engine.

Diesel powertrain cranks out 255 hp and 430 lb-ft of twisting power. On top of that, the German manufacturer promised more power and higher towing capacity for 2023. No doubt, the next-gen 2023 Amarok will be updated in every aspect.

2023 VW Amarok engine

2023 VW Amarok Price and Release Date

The forthcoming 2023 VW Amarok will now start at around $34,500. It is a small jump in price, given the number of updates. The mid-size pickup truck is still affordable in our honest opinion.

The sales will start in the second half of 2021. Amarok will once again rival established models such as Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier, and Mercedes X-Class.

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