2023 Lincoln Nautilus Interior Redesign Update

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2023 Lincoln Nautilus Interior Redesign – The Lincoln brand has updated its mid-size crossover with a transverse powertrain for the second time. The middle-aged model will be localized in China, but production in Oakville, Canada, will also continue for a while. The Lincoln Nautilus is a premium version of the Ford Edge crossover once sold in Russia.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Redesign
2023 Lincoln Nautilus Redesign

The model debuted in 2015 as MKX, underwent a reorganization in 2017 and was renamed Nautilus, and has now received a second update dedicated to the main salon. The exterior, however, is also slightly adjustable: The SUV receives a new front bumper with no false air ducts over fog lights and elevated cushioning on the rear bumper between the exhaust pipes.

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2023 Lincoln Nautilus Interior Redesign

As for the interior, Ford’s outdated architecture with a large center console and multimedia system screen written on it was replaced by a new, visually lighter front panel with a graceful horizontal ventilation deflector and a tablet with a prominent 13.2-inch screen. AKP voters are now made in the form of “piano keys” located on top of microclimate units. In general, the Nautilus of the driver’s seat is similar to the more modern SUVs of the Lincoln line – Aviator, Corsair, and Navigator. The finishing material becomes more elegant and noble.

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2023 Lincoln Nautilus Interior
2023 Lincoln Nautilus Interior

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Infotainment and Connectivity

with voice control and wireless updates. It is now possible to use a smartphone instead of a key and control some of the car’s functions remotely. Ford’s latest Co-Pilot360 series of driver assistants is standard, but Ford’s latest ADA (Active Drive Assist) autopilot isn’t available even at an additional cost.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Engine

The powertrain range is the same, even without the slightest hint of light hybridization. The Nautilus’s basic front-wheel drive is equipped with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost four turbo (253 hp, 380 Nm), all-wheel-drive top – 2.7-liter EcoBoost petrol V6 with two turbochargers (340 hp, 515 Nm). There is one gearbox for all versions – hydromechanics 8 speed automatic.

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Price Release

Prices for the updated Nautilus have not been announced; It will appear at an American Lincoln dealership early next year. It seems that Nautilus will not significantly improve Lincoln’s statistics in China, but it will certainly create additional variations in the showrooms of the brand’s Chinese dealers.

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2023 Lincoln Nautilus Interior Redesign