2023 Toyota 4Runner to Introduce Significant Changes New

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Although the current generation has been around for more than a decade, it’s worth noting that the 4Runner is more popular than ever. It’s rather simple: most drivers have grown tired of crossovers and SUVs that are incapable of off-roading. On the other hand, the forthcoming 2023 Toyota 4Runner is one of the best off-roaders. Add to that this Toyota’s exceptional dependability, and you have a fantastic body-on-frame SUV. That is why the Japanese manufacturer’s next generation will take its time.

The present model will be produced for a few more years before being replaced by the Toyota 4Runner in 2023. These are the most recent reports about this remarkable model. This indicates that the subsequent edition will be available later in 2023. This fits perfectly with Toyota’s schedule since the company is now hard at work creating the new Tundra. Land Cruiser and 4Runner models follow, and we have high expectations for them as well.

2023 4Runner Exterior Redesign

While the next redesign will certainly include several new features, it is critical to remember that the 2023 Toyota 4Runner remains true to its heritage. We are on the approach of witnessing the debut of a genuine body-on-frame architecture based on TNGA, the new Tundra architecture. The new design is modular, allowing Toyota’s whole lineup of body-on-frame vehicles to be built on the same platform. This implies a slew of new features for the 2023 4Runner, beginning with considerable weight reductions. Additionally, we anticipate improved driving dynamics, increased comfort, and more.

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When it comes to external design, the first thing that comes to mind is style. The current generation has been upgraded once, although it was not a significant improvement. The real model, on the other hand, looks rather beautiful, with a design that perfectly suits its sturdy nature. Naturally, that redesign will introduce a completely new look, and we anticipate that the company will refrain from excessive experimentation with the new model. We take a cautious approach, but information about the crossover lineup may be found on models such as the Highlander and RAV4.

2023 Toyota 4Runner redesign

Interior Upgrades

Again, we anticipate significant changes. In comparison to the exterior, where evolution is a given, the inside changes will be much more important. The reason is straightforward: the current model is out of date on the inside. The dashboard is out of date, and the majority of the surfaces are made of hard plastic. The new one should be of higher quality and have a slew of new technological features.

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As previously indicated, we do not foresee significant changes in dimensions. As a result, no significant increase in cabin space will happen. The new model will include three rows of seats, however, the third row will be far from spacious.

2023 Toyota 4Runner interior

New Engine

A new engine for the 2023 Toyota 4Runner is still just a possibility. However, the existing 4.0-liter V6 is unlikely to stay. The issue with this engine isn’t its power, but its fuel economy. Instead, a new 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine might be offered. The modern Toyota Tacoma pickup uses the same engine. Various sources claim this engine may generate up to 300 hp. According to speculations, the Toyota will have an eight-speed automatic transmission. A hybrid version of the 4Runner is also a rumor. Officially, we are still waiting for Toyota to release additional facts.

2023 Toyota 4Runner hybrid

2023 Toyota 4Runner Release Date, Price

The forthcoming 2023 Toyota 4Runner will cost $36,000 or a little more. This SUV should hit the markets in late 2023. The manufacturer will reveal more details in the coming months.

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