2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure: Redesign, Price, & Specs

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2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure: Redesign, Price, & Specs. The all-new 2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure is confirmed. It is another all-electric vehicle from the new automotive manufacturer. Ocean SUV is meant to bring impressive performance and green stats to the masses as well. Moreover, its price will be very affordable but Ocean is still in production. However, that didn’t stop Fisker from unveiling a new off-road trim level. It is called Adventure and it should provide astonishing off-road capability.

So far, everything is at the stage of the concept but the first photos are looking promising. The adventure will bring aggressiveness and toughness. We are not sure about improved performance but the special off-road kit will surely be in the offer. With FCA plans to electrify Jeep Wrangler and new electric GMC Hummer, Ocean Adventure will find tough competition.

2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure off-road

Adventure SUV to Serve For Military Purpose

The upcoming 2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure will be on the markets and available for purchase. However, its main purpose will be more suited for military roles as a rescue vehicle or something similar. Car experts are convinced that the Adventure version will be less appealing to typical SUV buyers. It does make sense and it would be strange to see this vehicle on the road. On the other hand, if you are an off-road enthusiast, why not?

According to Fisker, the low center of gravity and the wide track should bring better stability. Moreover, raised suspension and unique off-road tires are perfect for this utility vehicle. It can be used by international organizations, especially as a rescue vehicle in rural areas. Mainly, Adventure should be used as a zero-emission military vehicle that will transport military personnel. After all, oil is one of the largest expenses for the American military.

2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure military

2024 Ocean Adventure SUV – What Does It Offer?

So far, we don’t know that much about the new 2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure SUV. From the photo that Fisker released, the Adventure variant will feature a wider frame than the base model. Moreover, it comes with large all-terrain tires and fender flares. Spare tire, shovel and “charging box” are just some of the off-road friendly features. Of course, Adventure will be a four-wheel-drive SUV with over 300 horsepower. Moreover, it will need only three seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph.

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The interior shouldn’t depart a lot from the regular Ocean SUV. The cabin has been made from recycled goods from the ocean. That includes materials such as plastics and fishing nets. Besides modern interior design with plenty of high-tech features, Ocean offers a lot of space on the inside. Moreover, Fisker offers a “California Mode” that lowers nine glass windows and it creates an open-air feel. On top of that, rear hatch glass can be dropped so you can store longer items.

2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure interior

2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure Price and Release Date

The production of the brand-new 2024 Fisker Ocean Adventure will start at some point next year. The sales will go later in 2024 but the price is still not available. However, we expect the price to start at around $40,000 or slightly above that. Ocean Adventure could replace all of the military gas-powered vehicles in the near future. In the automotive world, this SUV will rival Wrangler EV and the new GMC Hummer.