2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs and Redesign

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2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs and Redesign. Many individuals believe that the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee would be developed with much better performance, punchier power, and more outstanding performance, however given that it is still a few years ahead in the future, no one can actually tell for sure whether Kia can live up their guarantee, especially when it concerns reliable and trusted production.

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs and Redesign

Powertrain and Performance

The high performance SUV 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee would be featuring the beneficial unit (at least by the fan) of V8 supercharged gas engine with 6.2 liter capability, which is now being used by the Trackhawk. This is the same system arrangement included by many Stellantis designs, such as Dodge Hellcat SRT trio of Durango, Battery Charger, and Opposition and also RAM 1500 TRX.

Right now, the Trackhawks (which is offered in Australian market) is able to create 522 hp and 868 Nm of torque. But if Jeep is ‘clever’ sufficient to increase the power (which is rather possible for the new gen designs), the result may have the ability to resemble the Dodge Challenger Hellcat (with its 535 kW and 889 Nm of torque) or even the Opposition Redeye with its 594 kW and 959 Nm of torque. However, it’s likewise possible that Jeep will not do any power increase if the L trim does feature the longer body, which is expected to accommodate the third row.

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2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs and Redesign

It’s uncertain whether Jeep would be producing the Trackhawk L, whether with the 7 seater or the five seater. They are still hectic focusing on a lot of things, especially with the production year is round the corner.

The Next Gen Revelation

Jeep has lastly revealed the 2021 model for Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is introduced as a seven seater vehicle with 3 row management in the L form. Not long from the launch of the 2021 design (around 2 years from it), there would be a 5 seater vehicle with two row manner.

However, lots of Jeep fans and enthusiasts are wondering what the next gen vehicle would appear like, and when Jeep would lastly eliminate the covers off the Trackhawk and SRT trims (which are believed to be the high performance types of the model).

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs and Redesign

Some people have actually interpreted the entire layout and search for the supercharged vehicle. They are using the Grand Cherokee L (which is just newly revealed) within the (sportier) Overland trim. You have to confess that it looks fantastic with black wheels from alloy covered in Pirelli rubber, Brembo (high performance) brakes, and broad flares with wheel arch design. Everything is motivated from the present Trackhawk design and generation.

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Whatever would surround and fill the arches, matching the (high) bonnect scoop that is influenced from RAM 1500 TRX truck with its 523 kW, operating on similar V8 supercharged unit of 6.2 liter capacity (like the Jeep).

Trackhawk and Regular Grand Cherokee

When compared to the regular Grand Cherokee, the next gen Trackhawk has lower ground clearance– certainly lower than the Grand Cherokee L. The plan is surrounded by trio vents that lie under the grille with its seven slot look (which you can see at Trackhawk and SRT), bigger air consumptions, lower LED pentagonal daytime running lights, and black trim. It is also coming with the required choices of Supercharged badge, Hemi system with 6.2 liter capability, and SRT badging.

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs and Redesign

Release Date and Price

The company hasn’t said anything about the price or launch date of the Grand Cherokee L. They have not even verified about the schedule or existence of the new vehicle! If everything goes as prepared, the launch date may likely take place in 2023.

The beginning of 2024 would be the latest launch. Price tag isn’t known either, so let’s tune in for additional reveal about 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee from them.