New 2023 Honda CRV Next Generation Update

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2023 Honda CRV

New 2023 Honda CRV Next Generation – The Honda CRV was present for the first time since 2000. The car, which is the first SUV from Honda, immediately received a warm welcome from consumers. Understand it because, at that time, Honda did not have an SUV line. Therefore, the first generation Honda CRV was equipped with only one model choice, namely a 2,000 cc engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission. Since then, the Honda CRV has deepened its penetration in the SUV market and has become one of the favorite products in the community.

2023 Honda CRV Redesign
2023 Honda CRV Redesign

Now the 2023 Honda CRV has entered the latest generation, and it can be said, this is the most ultimate product. Why? Because Honda has developed all the technology, it has to be embedded in the Honda CRV. As a result, there are many changes to the Honda CRV for the 2023 model year, from design, features, quality, safety to the engine.

The All-New Honda CRV itself was launched in 2017 and came in three model choices. Namely, CRV 2.0L, 1.5L Turbo, and 1.5L Turbo Prestige which is the highest variant. The Prestige variant is equipped with a large sunroof. However, the unit in Carro is a 1.5L Turbo type with good conditions. This type also has outstanding performance. The striking change, of course, lies in the kitchen runway that is carried.

2023 Honda CRV Redesign

Exterior Redesign

Honda has a new design language for the Honda CRV 2023 front fascia, namely Solid Wing Face. The design of the headlights of the Honda CRV 2023 is designed as if it were flapping wings. Likewise, with the creation of the taillights with an L configuration. At the end of the lamp, the sharp angle likens that this is a wing that is ready to fly.

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2023 Honda CRV Exterior Redesign
2023 Honda CRV Exterior Redesign

Like other contemporaries, the curves of the Honda CRV for the 2023 model are also wrapped in solid muscles. It can be seen from the character of the hood and front fenders, which are full of sharp lines and bulging bodies. The pull of the short line also continued to the rear, forming a dashing character on the exterior.

For the 1.5L Turbo type, the headlamp is equipped with projector lamps and halogen bulbs. At the same time, the rear adopts LED Combination, which makes it look sophisticated. Moreover, especially for the 1.5L Turbo Prestige type, the headlights already use full LEDs so that lighting is more optimal.

Interior Redesign

Another crucial thing when driving the 2023 Honda CRV is the interior. Inside the cabin, we will not find cheap materials found in new cars. Instead, the interior of the Honda CRV 2023 all uses luxurious materials. Seen from the dashboard that uses soft-touch materials like a luxury car. Combined with panel wood with a matte finish on the door trim, it gives a luxurious impression.

2023 Honda CRV Interior Redesign
2023 Honda CRV Interior Redesign

Especially when we occupy the seat because it is covered with high-quality leather, of course, this luxury makes us feel worth it when we decide to buy a Honda CRV. Moreover, coupled with a 9-inch head unit that can activate the Nanoe ionizer feature.

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2023 Honda CRV Features

Nanoe is a feature that can clean the air in the cabin. You do this by activating some electrical device, which can clean dirty molecules so that the atmosphere in the house is maintained. Of course, this feature is handy, especially amid a pandemic like now. Air cleanliness is essential to maintain.

The paddle-shift feature is also installed behind the steering wheel of the CRV 2023. This device is provided so that the driver can feel pleased with the performance of the engine. Especially for fans of speed and handling, I will be happy to take advantage of this paddle-shift because it can withstand higher engine speed than the computer’s default settings.

2023 Honda CRV Features
2023 Honda CRV Features

In addition, Honda’s CVT transmission technology has indeed been developed so that the sensation is like a conventional automatic transmission. The only difference is that this CVT transmission understands better how to optimize performance because the power range point has been set in such a way by computer devices.

2023 Honda CRV Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Honda CRV 2023 seems to be still loyal to the old engine. However, armed with an in-line four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,500 CC, which is doped with a turbocharger, Honda can prove that they are masters in exploring the runway because it is proven that the L15B coded engine can produce a performance that is more or less equivalent to a 2.4L engine capacity.

This machine is also embedded in other Honda models, such as the Honda Civic. Another advantage of using this turbocharger is that torque can be enjoyed evenly, from the bottom to the middle rotation.

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It is proven when tasting the Honda CRV 2023, and the torque begins to be felt at 2,000 RPM and above. Furthermore, symptoms of turbo lag can be said to feel minimal so that acceleration feels stable. And indeed, Honda designed this engine as a powerful yet friendly engine for everyone. In a sense, there is no need for separate tips and tricks when driving this turbo engine.

Because Honda designed this engine as smoothly as possible in releasing its power, the distribution of its power is accommodated by the CVT Sequential transmission. This makes the driving sensation smooth and comfortable. Moreover, the stored energy doesn’t go wild on the plus side when the gas pedal is kicked down.

That way, the fuel consumption that is issued also becomes more efficient and leads to environmental friendliness. This is following the concept of engine technology carried by Honda, Earth Dream Technology. Where the efficiency of the engine to be environmentally friendly is the main principle. Technically, the L15B engine can produce 187 hp of power and 240 Nm of torque in the 2,000 to 5,000 RPM range.