VW ID Buzz 2022: Preview, Interior, & Pricing

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VW ID Buzz 2022: Preview, Interior, & Pricing. The VW ID Buzz is an electrical minibus that is presently under development. Its official discussion is scheduled for 2022 and the brand has already confirmed that production will begin that very same year, so its arrival on the roads will not make you wait. It is reported that it will have about 500 kilometers of autonomy which its price variety will be between 40,000 and 60,000 euros.

VW ID Buzz 2022: Preview, Interior, & Pricing

The ID Buzz Principle existed at the Detroit Motor Show in 2017 and initially, it was mentioned that the presentation of the production model would remain in 2022. In 2021, the brand name has actually confirmed that this projection is still in force and pictures of the first test units. It will be manufactured in Hannover, in the same factory that currently assembles its thermal equivalent, the VW T7 Multivan.

VW ID Buzz 2022: Preview, Interior, & Pricing


The VW ID Buzz determines 4.94 meters long, 1.97 meters large, and 1.96 meters high, and is built on the MEB XL platform, the extended variation of the VW Group platform for electric lorries.

In full style for retro, in which the terrific designs of the past are valued, the ID Buzz gathers the main elements of the legendary T1.

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It hence presents a front with little overhang in which the VW symbol stands apart, large windows, and bodywork with 2 tones of paint.

A nod to the past in a compact van that will maintain this essence in its 2 variations, one requirement and the other with industrial aspirations so that it can be used in transport or delivery tasks.

The ID Buzz will be used in three various variations. In Europe, with three rows of seats and a capacity for six people. In the United States, it will have two rows and four seats. And there will also be a variant that will act as a light industrial vehicle, which will foreseeably likewise eliminate the 2nd row of seats to prioritize the transportation of goods.

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In September 2021, Volkswagen released pictures of an autonomous model of the ID. Buzz Although not yet the definitive one, it is the very first time that Volkswagen has taught an ID. Buzz that surpasses the concept automobile to get closer to the lines of the production version.

This ID. Production Buzz was hinted at in November 2021 throughout the presentation of the ID.5 with a teaser with camo design.

It abandons the futuristic lines of the idea to get closer to the lines of the ID household while separating itself from the brand-new T7 Multivan, which could be considered its thermal equivalent. The lateral shape and the lines of the pillars are also various.

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The interior preserves the spirit of the existing Volkswagen vans, which has been a custom considering that the T1. A space developed for satisfaction and coexistence, with space for a minimum of 8 people. For this reason, it has adjustable seats, however likewise, a fantastic variety of entertainment elements, such as a big central tablet. The ID Buzz Principle included a tactile wheel, from which to manage many specifications of the car, from the gear modification to the stereo, while the Head-Up Show technology worked as a compliment on the windscreen. There is no control panel to utilize.

VW ID Buzz 2022: Preview, Interior, & Pricing


It is something to consider because the intent of Volkswagen is that this microbus based upon the ID Buzz Concept has level 3 self-governing driving systems in its best in 2022, being a 100% autonomous model no behind 2025. This worldwide design will be the 3rd vehicle in the brand name’s new 100% electric range and will be produced in Hannover. The interest is given that this factory was already in charge of producing all the generations of the Volkswagen T1, the most iconic van of all time, and a mirror of this model.

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Volkswagen has not yet confirmed the mechanical attributes of the production version of the ID Buzz.

The prototype had a 111-kilowatt-hour battery that provided it 500 kilometers of autonomy in the defunct NEDC cycle. It had two 204 horsepower electric motors that delivered a combined power of 367 horsepower.

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In March 2021, the German media Edison explains that it will have 2 versions. The gain access to one will use a 60-kilowatt hour battery and a series of 300 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. The most capable will have 100-kilowatt hours and more than 500 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.


Pricing for the production version of the Volkswagen ID Buzz has yet to be confirmed. In March 2021, info appeared on the German website Edison suggests that the different ID Buzz will be in between 40,000 and 60,000 euros.