2023 Ford Focus RS Redesign UPDATE

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2023 Ford Focus RS Redesign

2023 Ford Focus RS – The next Focus RS is likely to be halted due to the average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions target across the EU fleet of 95 grams per kilometer, which will begin next year.

It’s important to remember that second and third-generation models are revealed about four and five years after their respective non-performance counterparts.

2023 Ford Focus RS

2023 Ford Focus RS
2023 Ford Focus RS

So, considering the fourth-generation Focus debuted in April 2018, its FLAGSHIP RS could appear in the first half of 2023, if not 2023, meaning Ford still has time.

Like the previous two generations, the next Focus RS can be launched after a midlife facelift from its non-performance peers. Still, it all depends on Ford working in a cost-effective way to minimize model pollution.

Autocar reported in April 2018 that the new Focus RS would maintain a 2.3-liter turbo-petrol EcoBoost four-cylinder engine sourced from the Mustang but added a 48V lightweight hybrid system that reduces emissions.

Two months ago, Autocar published another report, citing a senior Ford executive who claimed “lightweight hybrids aren’t enough,” with a high-performance version of the Escape mid-size SUV plug-in hybrid powertrain instead set for the next Focus RS.

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They added that “the new generation of C2 platforms supporting focus has cutting-edge, technology-packed architectural features, enabling our Focus to deliver a series of efficient powertrains”.

2023 Ford Focus hatchback

The fourth-generation Ford Focus has been around since 2018, which means it’s time for a refresher. And now, we’ve seen testing of the 2023 Ford Focus prototype near Ford’s technical center in Europe, showing off an upcoming update.

This particular Ford Focus 2023 is a five-door hatchback model and features a new front and rear design. In addition, the headlights on the prototype are much flatter than the current model, and they also reveal a new daytime chart.

Overall, the front of the Focus prototype seems to have received more updates than the rear, as it also features a new hood, front bumper, and grille design, which we can see despite Ford’s attempts to disguise it all. However, in hindsight, the only noticeable real change is the new lightweight graphics.

None of these changes represent anything dramatic, but they give the Ford Focus 2023 a sleeker, more modern look. Given how good Focus’s sales are in Europe at the moment, maybe that’s all it takes to stay competitive for now.

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Focus is at the top of the UK sales chart, as is the case in most other Europeans. But, unfortunately, rigid emissions standards forced Ford to discontinue the very fast Focus RS some time ago, even though the Focus ST hot hatch was alive and well.

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However, it is currently unclear how long ST can last as well. Last spring, Ford Performance Europe’s manager, Stefan Muenzinger, indicated that Europe’s ever-increasing emissions regulations might force automakers to shut down gas-powered hot hatches for good.

2023 Ford Focus hatchback
2023 Ford Focus hatchback

Ford Focus RS 2023 with 2.5L Hybrid Engine

Expected to arrive as soon as 2023, the next generation of Focus RS is shrouded in rumors. Since Ford Motor Company has not commented on the faster and long-awaited model, it isn’t easy to guess what will happen in the future for the Uber hatchback.

The 48-volt lightweight hybridization and 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder turbo are expected to be sufficient. The 400 PS (395 horsepower) will be adequate compared to the A 45 S from Mercedes-AMG, but Ford can switch to hybrids.

British publications expect something in an average of 300 horsepower from internal combustion engines plus 100 horsepower from electric motors.

GKN supplied the rear differential of previous models and looking ahead. The eTwinsterX electrification shaft might be the answer if engineers could make it drive the rear wheels with instant torque.

Because Ford plans to deliver 40 electrification models by 2023 – from lightweight hybrids to EV – it’s possible for the Focus RS to become a hybrid, as shown by the Autocar report.

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2023 Ford Focus Price

how much money will e-axle and EcoBoost 2.5 liters add to the price tag?

The previous model sold for 40,000 euros and changed, almost 41,000 in Germany. The Focus ST sells for 32,200 euros with a 2.0-liter EcoBlue turbo diesel engine, and that’s been a lot of money for a warm hatchback.

Considering that Mercedes-AMG charges 56,227.50 euros for an A 45 4Matic+ with a 387-PS engine, Ford may raise the initial price of the Focus RS to around 45,000 euros, meaning 50,000 with some extras.