Citroen C3 2023: Redesign, Specs, & Photos

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Citroen C3 2023: Redesign, Specs, & Photos. The fourth generation of the Citroën C3 will be a truth in the year 2023. The popular Citroën utility will be entirely restored and will adjust to the brand-new times. One of the excellent novelties that will enter the scene will be two 100% electric variations. Both marketed under the name Citroën ë-C3.

The Citroën C3 2020 has begun its commercialization just a couple of months back. The 3rd generation of the popular and effective Citroën utility vehicle has actually undergone a significant mid-cycle upgrade. Now, in the head office of the company of the “chevrons” the fourth generation of the C3 is currently being glimpsed.

Citroën has currently got down to work and the project is underway. It is understood internally with the code” CC21 “. This generational change will come at an important time for the automotive industry in Europe. The C3 will be completely renovated. It will release a platform, design, technology, and engines.

Citroen C3 2023: Redesign, Specs, & Photos

The “low cost” variation of the CMP platform

Among the main and figuring out secrets of the new ë-C3 will be, without a doubt, its battery. The “heart” of any electric car. Citroën will be provided with Svolt batteries that will be manufactured in Europe. All these thanks to the arrangement reached by PSA with Revolt.

The fourth-generation Citroën C3 will be a brand-new vehicle on a technical level. And it is that it will utilize a new base. It will be supported by a new “low cost” variant of the CMP platform. The Citroën model will be technically easier than the Peugeot 208. The production of the brand-new C3 will happen in Trnava (Slovakia).

Carlos Tavares, President, and CEO of Groupe PSA, has actually shown that the brand-new generation of the C3 Aircross will mark the start of a brand-new era for Citroën. The electric C3 is set to play a key role in the urban electric market. It will not compete in autonomy, it will complete in price.

Citroen C3 2023: Redesign, Specs, & Photos

Citroën ë-C3, an electric car less expensive than the Peugeot e-208

The 4th generation of the C3 will wager without complexes by electrification. And evidence of this is that it will enrich its mechanical offer with 2 electrical variations. The Citroën ë-C3 will be a reality. An electric car that will be placed as a more decaffeinated and budget friendly alternative to the Peugeot e-208, among the electric cars with the very best sales figures in the Old Continent. Nor ought to we forget the Opel Corsa-e.

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The electric C3 will follow a really different strategy from that of the remainder of the B sector electric companies that we can find at the moment in the Groupe PSA. The new ë-C3 will be provided in 2 versions, both less effective and performance less than the e-208. Therefore, this new electric from Citroën will be a more economical and inexpensive option with which to jump electric mobility.

Citroen C3 2023: Redesign, Specs, & Photos

The ë-C3 variety will include 2 variations, both less effective than the Peugeot e-208, a model that has a 100 kW (136 hp) engine and is powered by a 50 kWh battery. 2 engines are anticipated to be around 37 kW (50 hp) and 59 kW (80 hp) respectively. As for the batteries, their capability will be about 30 or 40 kWh.