Ford Ranger 2023: Redesign, Upgrades, and photos

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Ford Ranger 2023: Redesign, Upgrades, and photos. For the more strenuous and complex work jobs and to enjoy leisure and spare time with the household, the flexibility of type vehicles pick-up has actually constantly been one of the main properties of this type of car throughout its history, a development in which the Ford ranger It has been, is and will be among the most impressive designs in the section.

The brand-new generation Ranger, says Ford, is the most “versatile, capable and intelligent of all time”, a design whose world production will start throughout 2023 and whose commercialization in Europe will happen at the end of the same year. In our continent, the current Ranger being offered is the sector leader, with 45,359 systems offered and a market share of 39.9%.

Ford Ranger 2023: Redesign, Upgrades, and photos


The particular robust and effective look The one that this pick-up has always revealed is enhanced much more in this new generation with a series of brand-new aesthetic information that are dispersed throughout its enforcing body. At the front, the striking new grille stands out, in addition to the C-shaped headlights (which can embrace modern-day vehicle technology). lighting with LED matrix headlights). In its side view, as a new component, a subtle line sticks out that encompasses some significant wheel arches that have their matching anti-shock component. Already in the rear area, the light clusters also have the very same original C-shape of the headlights.

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Ford Ranger 2023: Redesign, Upgrades, and photos

At within, those responsible for design have wanted to provide the brand-new Ranger 2023 a look comparable to that of an automobile, so they have actually not hesitated to utilize higher quality products and softer to the touch, in addition to another series of elements that enhance theconnectivity and inflight home entertainment, thanks to the incorporation of SYNC4 multimedia system from Ford3, equipped with communication systems, and commands that can be triggered by voice.

It is likewise interesting the innovation of access to Internet on board Thanks to the FordPass Connect technology with incorporated modem, suitable with the FordPass5 app, from which owners can from another location manage numerous info and functions of their vehicle through their smartphone (remote start, technical condition of the car and locking and unlocking functions, among others).

On the other hand, from the large screen of the multimedia system (10.1 or 12 inches, depending upon the version) it will be possible to view whatever that occurs outside in a 360 ° view, in such a way that the driver will be able to park the vehicle more quickly in very restricted areas, in addition to being able to circulate with higher security and confidence in unpaved offroad locations to observe the presence of possible natural challenges, such as stones, tree branches, and so on.

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Ford Ranger 2023: Redesign, Upgrades, and photos


In the “technical skeleton” of the new generation Ranger, since the finalizing of the oval it is verified that the wheelbase has actually grown by 5 centimeters, the very same procedure in which also increase the front and rear tracks. Thanks to the incorporation of a hydroformed front structure, there is more space in the engine compartment, which accommodates a new V6 engine, in addition to offering more extra area for the setup of other kinds of more efficient technologies (hybridization knocks on the door of this pick-up …).

To propel yourself, you can pick with a motor 3.0 V6 turbodiesel, along with two other 2.0 inline four-cylinder diesel motor (one with a single turbo and the other with 2 turbos). At the moment, the oval company has not published particular data of power and torque of the mechanical variations that will be available in Europe.

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Among the technical changes initially revealed in the chassis of the new Ranger, there have actually also been moved the rear suspension dampers out of the frame rails. On the other hand, two four-wheel drive systems will be offered.

The several options of customization– up to 150 different accessoriesAccording to Ford, it is another of the strengths in the new generation of the pick-up, all of which will make life on board a lot more enjoyable, in addition to facilitating the tasks of loading, transporting and anchoring in the box or in the area. packing.