Lexus Pickup Truck Hoax or Reality?

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Lexus Pickup Truck price

The latest reports are predicting for Lexus to introduce its first pickup truck. Moreover, the manufacturer has admitted the possibility of a premium pickup truck that will be based on the Toyota Hilux model. The brand-new Lexus Pickup Truck makes perfect sense in our opinion. If Mercedes entered the segment with the X-Class, there is no reason for Lexus to focus solely on cars and SUVs.

On the other hand, customers in the US are less interested in luxury models from brands such as Lexus. Instead, Americans are sticking to pickups and trucks made by Ford, Ram or Chevrolet. One fine example is the Cadillac Escalade EXT that managed poor sales. Basically, buying a $60k+ pickup from Ford or GMC is no problem for the Americans. For that reason, we are not sure how Lexus Pickup will do in the United States.

Lexus Pickup Truck concept

Rivaling Mercedes X-Class

Mercedes did a smart thing by making its X-Class on the Nissan Navara platform. Moreover, the German manufacturer promises a “real Mercedes” despite its connection with Nissan. The smart thing is that the manufacturer didn’t invest a lot of money. See it as an experiment and if it doesn’t work, fine, at least Mercedes tried. On the other hand, if the X-Class becomes a success then the manufacturer will earn a lot of money.

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It isn’t all about the money though because Mercedes will surely jump into the pickup truck segment more than anyone has ever imagined. Some rumors are suggesting a Mercedes GLT as the real name of the arriving model. The same is with the Lexus Pickup Truck. If this model becomes a reality, Mercedes X-Class will be its archest enemy. However, Lexus Pickup will be Hilux-based.

Mercedes X-Class GLT

Will We See Lexus Pickup Truck?

Our answer is no. Lexus has admitted it, but only as an idea. Let’s just say the manufacturer is considering it as a possibility for the future. Lexus confirmed new seven-seat RX crossover and we’ve seen spy photos already. On the other hand, there is nothing on the new Lexus Pickup Truck. Even the Lexus’ planning project leader said the pickup truck is “the least possible” outcome. New rendering designers are seeing this model as a Hilux-based truck with Tacoma’s vibe. Called the Lexus LT, this version comes with a spindle grille and it looks nice.

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However, the pickup truck looks far from a unique model and the customers are in love with something new and innovative. Let’s be real, Lexus won’t enter mid-size or the full-size segment in the near future. Moreover, North America doesn’t need this model at all. Hilux is already available and it is a true off-roader that comes with reliability and tradition.

Of course, this is just our opinion on the Lexus Pickup Truck. So far, we don’t have many details and we truly believe that Lexus will continue to roll in the same fashion as before. What is your opinion and do you think that Lexus has what it takes to enter the pickup truck segment?