McLaren to Introduce a 600HP Super SUV Named GTX New

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The idea of making high-performance SUVs was unthinkable a few years ago. However, it is a trend nowadays. Lamborghini started this trend with the Urus model that currently manages its best sales ever. Somehow, McLaren didn’t enter this segment and was focused on super and sports cars. On the other hand, McLaren teased us with the brand-new McLaren GTX SUV. According to multiple reports, this SUV will provide over 600 horsepower.

As its name suggests, it will be based on the powerful GT supercar. Aston Martin recently did something similar with the DBX SUV. This model will become a company’s most important vehicle in the future and GTX SUV will follow the same path. Moreover, Ferrari and Bugatti are building SUVs so McLaren is no different. Here’s what we know so far about the arriving model.

McLaren GTX SUV logo

GTX SUV Exterior Design

In terms of styling, the new McLaren GTX SUV will wear a recognizable brand’s design language. That includes the front end with signature headlights finished in the shape of the company’s logo. On the other hand, the side profile will depart from the GT supercar. Whatsoever, McLaren will create a unique shape, something the brand has never made.

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The rear part will surely host sportier spoiler and overall, expect extremely sporty design. Indeed, when you look at the GTX SUV, you just know that this model offers impressive performances. Lastly, McLaren will most likely introduce a special version that will offer great off-road capabilities.

McLaren GTX SUV teaser

Interior is Similar to the GT Model

We think this is no brainer. New McLaren GTX SUV will deploy the same interior design as the GT supercar. Of course, SUV will provide more seats and more room in general. That also includes a bigger cargo area. Moreover, the SUV version will be more practical and it should offer more high-tech features.

A 7-inch touchscreen is the same, along with the design of the center console. Moreover, the new GTX model will most likely offer a room for five passengers. You can expect sportier seats and steering wheel. On top of that, the cabin will be luxurious and very premium.

McLaren GTX SUV interior

Engine Specs, Acceleration, Transmission

As we said, the sporty appearance will match the impressive performance. The upcoming McLaren GTX SUV will deploy a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 gasoline engine. This unit can produce 600 horsepower and 565 lb-ft of torque. That is 58 hp and 23 lb-ft more than the Aston Martin DBX model. From 0 to 60 mph, GTX SUV will need around 3.1 seconds which is slower than the GT supercar.

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Top speed has been rated at 203 mph. A four-wheel-drive setup will be offered as standard, along with the 7-speed automatic transmission. McLaren will also provide adaptive air suspension and you can expect more than solid off-road capabilities.

2021 McLaren GTX SUV Price and Release Date

So far, we’ve seen a teaser of the new McLaren GTX SUV. It is a shadowy photo but it is more than enough to know it is going to happen. Reportedly, the sales will start in April 2021. The price will start at around $200,000 or slightly above that.