Skoda Elroq 2024 Electric SUV: What We Know So Far!

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Skoda Elroq 2024 Electric SUV: What We Know So Far!. After the arrival of the very first generation electric SUV of the new household in the Volkswagen Group, with VW ID.4 and ID.5, Audi Q4 e-tron and Skoda Enyaq iV (not forgetting the compact VW ID.3), everything points to the 2025 so that the new family of small electric vehicles on a renewed “MEB Small” or “MEB Eco” platform.

The latter would be based upon the VW ID.2, the first utility crossover in this new family. Skodafor example, it will have its own variation and previously we associated it with the name Elroq. We may have to alter the focus of this denomination, since from germany, our associates from Auto motor und Sport indicate what the future Skoda Elroq will be an electric SUV with dimensions more comparable to the present Karoq which, strangely enough, is next to be updated.

Skoda Elroq 2024 Electric SUV: What We Know So Far!

Skoda Elroq 2024 Electric SUV: What We Know So Far!

Skoda would intend to take advantage of the existing advancement with the MEB platform to provide a brand-new SUV that lies, by size, between the present Enyaq iV (4.65 meters) and the future energy based upon the ID.2 (which will be around 4.10 meters). If the Enyaq iV -and future Enyaq iV Coupe- They have their “comparable” by measurements to the Kodiaq, the future Elroq could have it with the Karoq, relocating the environment of 4.38 meters of length.

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Skoda Elroq 2024: how it will Arrive

From Germany, Auto motor ensures that from Skoda they want to focus this Elroq to be a “independent and space-oriented car concept”. Maintaining the proportions offered by the MEB platform, with a significant wheelbase (2.77 meters), the future Elroq would also benefit from the mechanical layout of existing Skoda and VW SUVs.

We describe the truth of having engine and rear drive (which would be around 150 CV), along with the possibility of opting for versions of four-wheel drive. It is a choice that the future MEB platform for little electric vehicles will not allow, because these will have a special engine and front-wheel drive, in addition to having a more varied series of powers and batteries, with 300 kilometers of autonomy at least.

Skoda Elroq 2024 Electric SUV: What We Know So Far!

The arrival of this Skoda Elroq would enable the Czech brand get a couple of years ahead of that little metropolitan with crossover overtones, which when it comes to the ID.2 is expected for 2025 and for Skoda for 2026. The Elroq could arrive earlier, in 2024. And another crucial information: the price.

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The Skoda Enyaq is achieving great reserve figures in its first months of life (with 70,000 orders at the end of September, according to AMS), part of the 34,000 euros in Germany (40,000 in Spain). The Skoda Elroq might have a beginning price situated in the 28,000 euros, once again situated in between the aforementioned Enayq iV and Skoda’s electric metropolitan future, which would attempt to reduce the barrier of 20,000 euros.

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Skoda’s range of electric models will grow from the bottom up in the years to come. Thomas Schäfer, manager of the Czech producer, verified it at the start of 2021. The name of this city car which will come under the Enyaq and its approaching coupe variation has been filed: it will be Elroq.

The Skoda Elroq instead of the Fabia

By its size (about 4 m in length), the Skoda Elroq will not change the Citigo iV, the electric mini-city car gotten rid of from the brochure. Rather, it is meant to take over from the Fabia, of which the brand-new generation, barely on the marketplace, will not know a direct replacement.

Skoda Elroq 2024 Electric SUV: What We Know So Far!

Skoda Elroq 2024: Skoda in development, Seat in production

The Volkswagen ID.1 will be manufactured in Spain, alongside the group’s other electric city cars.
The Czech brand will have the task of developing all the electric urban models of the Volkswagen group (VW ID.1 and ID.2, Seat Acandra) with the objective of providing deals for less than EUR 20,000, omitting federal government rewards.

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To keep this price, the Czech producer will rely on a development of the MEB platform and especially on a cheaper battery chemistry, made up of iron phosphate (LFP), which need to make it possible to travel 300 km. In addition, production will be carried out in Spain at the Seat plant situated in Martorell, near Barcelona.

Skoda will provide the Elroq in 2024 and must gain from the first business launch. The VW ID.1 and Seat Acandra are expected in dealerships in 2025.